Jacques Peacock

Jacques Peacock

Jacques Peacock

Designer, Developer & Musician.

Jelly Bean Cloud

Jelly Bean Cloud is a Wordpress Blog that I designed and developed for a client. I decided to use the Wordpress CMS because it allows the client to easily update her website blog without having to access the code. The client wanted the website to reflect her personally which I felt I have achieved in the design.

"It has been lovely working with Jacques. He is very down to earth and professional which made things a whole lot easier, especially when I am such an indecisive person, I’m sure it was very difficult for him to put up with me, but he did. And thank-goodness for that because I love my new blog eeeeeeek." - Aileen Kennel

  • Responsive

  • Design

  • HTML & CSS

  • Wordpress

  • PHP

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Jelly Bean Cloud Project Jelly Bean Cloud Project Jelly Bean Cloud Project
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Appy Mondays

Appy Mondays is a mobile conference event, the brief was given to the college and set by Gospelware to design a iOS app. The purpose of the app is to let users know of upcoming events, view an achieve of past events and be able to connect with other people at the event either through the address book to share details or via the messenger. Once I had finished the design I decided to build a prototype of the application using Apple's Interface Development Environment (IDE) Xcode.

  • Mobile App Design

  • iOS

  • Xcode

Appy Mondays Project Appy Mondays Project Appy Mondays Project Appy Mondays Project


Irresistible are a small start-up company based in Middlesborough. The company hand crafts miniature food jewellery and the client wanted a business card to showcase their brand, products and contact details to boost sales.

  • Design

Irresistible Project
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